Harvard-Yale Undergraduate Student Tailgate

Saturday, November 18, Outdoor Tennis Courts
The Undergraduate Student Tailgate will be hosted by the Harvard Houses, First-Year Social Committee, Yale Colleges, and the Yale College Council.  The outdoor tennis courts are located just south of the Yale Bowl, bordered by Yale Avenue and Derby Avenue.  

The designated location for student tailgating is the Student Tailgate Village.  Tailgate parking passes for other lots are for small, personal tailgates.  Student group tailgates are not permitted in these lots.  

Student Tailgate Village Location

Student Tailgate Village Layout- Harvard tailgates are on the rightmost courts.

Transportation on Game Day
Free shuttle buses will pick up at Payne Whitney Gymnasium and run to the Yale Bowl (Gate B) and back every 15 minutes from 10:00am until 6:00pm on Game Day.  Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available.  After the game, buses will transport students back to campus, stopping at the intersection of Chapel and York Streets and at Payne Whitney Gymnasium. Please ride the shuttles back to campus rather than walk.

Alcohol Policy
All guests, students and alumni entering the Student Tailgate Village will need to present valid identification. If you plan to drink, please bring a valid government-issued ID for age verification to receive a wristband, which permits the consumption of alcohol. No outside alcohol may be brought into the Student Tailgate Village.  Complimentary beer and wine will be served for students 21 years of age and older.

Bag Policy
No bags or other personal items larger than 12in. x 12in. are permitted.  There will be a bag check available for those who bring larger bags or luggage. (Don't forget to pick up those items after the game!)  Any bags or personal items entering the Yale Bowl or the Student Tailgate Village are subject to search. 

Yale Dining Services will serve complimentary lunch inside the Student Tailgate Village.  Please be prepared show your Harvard College ID at the food tent.

Code of Conduct
We are committed to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all fans, both in our venues and in the parking lots. You are responsible for your conduct. Yale University permits tailgating on football game days in designated areas, during specified hours, and under the conditions outlined in these Tailgating rules. Yale Event Staff, Parking Staff, Security Staff and Law Enforcement will enforce all policies. All guests’ belongings including vehicles are subject to search by staff. Persons visibly under the influence or impaired will not be admitted into the tailgate areas or the Yale Bowl. Yale University reserves the right to alter and interpret regulations described below. Together, let’s continue the great tradition that is The Game.

If your conduct endangers or disrupts the players, coaches, officials, or other patrons, the University reserves the right to remove you from the premises without a refund and with a potential loss of ticket privileges for future games.  Harvard College students who are in violation of policy may be referred to their Resident Dean for follow-up or to the Administrative Board for possible disciplinary action.

The following activities and items are not permitted in the Student Tailgate Village- glass containers, outside alcohol of any kind (beer wine available inside the student tailgate for 21+), hard alcohol/distilled spirits, underage drinking, games encouraging the rapid consumption of alcohol, drinking game accessories, open flames, bags/personal items larger than 12in. x 12in., vehicles, generators, amplified music (there will be a central DJ)